TEAM: Website launch curry and beer outing

The team took to the streets of Whitechapel this week to celebrate the launch of the long-awaited, hotly-anticipated (we like to think so) London Cheap Eats website. The classic cheap eat Lahore Kebab House just off Commercial Road was our chosen venue (coming to the website soon), with a feast of great lamb chops, kebabs and curries, fantastic breads, a BYO flagon of good Beavertown Skull King Double IPA, and a bottle of less good prosecco from the corner offy.

With full stomachs calling for something a little stronger, Matt's unparalleled ability to sniff out a great bar lead us to the wonderfully pretty Wilton's Music Hall close by in Shadwell. We managed to sneak in a few negronis just before last call, sat around chatting all things future London Cheap Eats to a backdrop of soulful jazz and fairy lights, and felt pretty pleased with the evening and all we had achieved so far.

Thank you to all the early adopters, sharers and likers, those who've helped spread the word, and to our featured vendors for turning out great food for cheap in our marvellous city.

- Leyla 

London Cheap Eats Square Logo.jpg