NEWS: London Cheap Eats celebrates its 1st birthday!

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One whole year since we launched in January 2016. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And we've certainly had a lot of that.

Almost 200 website entries later, we at London Cheap Eats are both immensely proud and supremely humbled at what we've achieved, and the great people we've been able to work with, over the past 12 months.

People have said some very lovely things about us, including Business InsiderBuzzFeed, and Evening Standard. We sold out tickets to our very first event, the London Cheap Eats ยฃ8 Pop-up. And had a pretty amazing night hosting it and meeting our fans. We've held numerous competitions for our readers, with some of our favourite cheap eats venues and traders in the industry. And we even interviewed a lot of them too.

We quickly expanded the team from the five we launched with, to include a sixth member. Then realised that still wasn't quite enough, and on-boarded a seventh pretty sharpish. KS ran a marathon to raise money for charity (and also just so he could eat more), and we supported the great cause that is the Magic Breakfast Charity with their Instagram campaign. We made any excuse to throw a party (exhibit A and exhibit B), and shared with SkyScanner readers some of the cheaper alternatives to London's fanciest restaurants

But what we're probably most proud of is you guys, our readers. Every day, we're a little in awe when we look at the large, loyal and engaged following we have somehow managed to amass through both and our social channels; we're currently standing at (very, very nearly) 30k followers on Instagram, 2,700 followers on Twitter, 1,300 followers on Facebook, and 1,200 signed up to our newsletter.

And what that tells us is that you guys like what we do, and think it's worthwhile. And that's probably the best we could have ever hoped for. So, on behalf of the whole London Cheap Eats team, we THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued support. We have exciting things lined up this year, so keep visiting the website, sending us emails, and engaging with us and the community, and we'll keep doing this for as long as you guys let us.

A big milestone warrants a big party, of course. So last night the team hit up Radio Alice, a pizzeria in Hoxton Square, named after a pirate radio station that broadcasted in the 1970s from a two-room attic in the centre of Bologna. With a name like that, who can resist. Many thanks to the fantastic team at Radio Alice for hosting our awesome pizza party, and for helping London Cheap Eats celebrate our first birthday in style.

To many more years of the best cheap eats in London!