10 QUESTIONS WITH: owner of Park Road Kitchen, Sam Mousawi

Sam is the man behind Park Road Kitchen in Battersea; it's the half a roast chicken with wedges for £8 that made it onto our list of London Cheap Eats. We had a good old natter with Sam, here's what he had to tell us.

Sam Mousawi, founder of Park Road Kitchen in Battersea

Sam Mousawi, founder of Park Road Kitchen in Battersea

1. Tell us briefly what your business is about

Park Road Kitchen is a rotisserie and deli that offers healthy, fresh food to go. So often in London, people don’t have time to cook and PRK has affordable food that you can grab on your way home from work, or when you’re having lazy Sunday but still fancy a good roast!

2. Tell us a bit about your background - where you've worked in the past and why you're doing this now.

Being British-Iraqi means I’ve worked all over the place, in the Middle East as well as in England. I worked in property management in London for many years, but have always had a passion for food, and spent a period of time working at my sister’s coffee shop Mouse & de Lotz in Dalston.

I wanted to get experience working with food as I knew eventually I wanted to open my own restaurant or deli.

3. If you were out for an evening in London, where would we most likely find you?

Barrafina, Frith Street.

4. Where did you get the inspiration for your food / menu? 

Food is a huge part of Middle Eastern culture, we spend a lot of time cooking and a lot of time eating together! Over the years I have developed a natural love of cooking and in particular Arabic food, so I guess our food is inspired a lot by Middle Eastern favours and ingredients. We do like to mix it up sometimes and may have a good solid British dish like a meat and potato pie.

When I worked in property I often didn’t have that much time to cook, so I would eat a roast chicken with a chilli soy sauce dip (that my dad taught me), a salad, and some flat bread - really simple and quick, and I thought it made a great idea for a business. One day I found this site in Battersea and snapped it up.

5. Tell us an interesting fact about you that not many know.

I sing Stevie Wonder's "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" in the shower every day, and have done for about 20 years. Its my mantra.

6. What's the most popular item on your menu?

Chicken and roast potatoes, but the pork belly lunch special on a Friday sells quickest. It flies out.

pork belly lunch special at Park Road Kitchen

pork belly lunch special at Park Road Kitchen

7. What do you eat when you're off work and at home?

It ranges depending on time and my mood. Sometimes I’ll keep it very simple and just make some teriyaki salmon with purple sprouting broccoli and rice. Other nights I’ll make fresh pasta - and maybe do a butternut and sage ravioli.  If I have a whole day off I love baking bread.

8. What's next for your business?

We have just got a mobile rotisserie trailer, so we’ll be taking it to events, markets and festivals. Watch this space…

9. Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner?

My siblings Nadya, Dina and Nabeel because I just don't get to see enough of them, and we all love eating.

10.What’s your favourite London cheap eat?

The salt beef sandwich at The Dairy Deli. You can even get a black coffee with it and its still only £8.


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