10 QUESTIONS WITH: Chris Brumby, owner and chef at MYPIE

Chris Brumby is the owner and chef cooking up the epic pies and awesome sides over at street food truck MYPIE; their pies in general made it onto London Cheap Eats, but team member Kar-Shing is a particular fan of the double beef.

We threw a few tasty questions Chris's way; here's what he had to say.

Chris Brumby with the nifty MYPIE truck

Chris Brumby with the nifty MYPIE truck

1. Tell us briefly what your business is about

Quality British-styled food, with my Australian heritage bringing some influence to the flavours.

2. Tell us a bit about your background - where you've worked in the past and why you're doing this now.

I'm a trained chef. I did a four year apprenticeship in a Michelin equivalent (we don't have stars in Aus), and was Head Chef at 23 at The Horseshoe (Camden brewery home).  I also did a short stint with Street Kitchen in 2012, and more recently in 2014, I was the Executive Chef at Ben's Canteen.

3. If you were out for an evening in London, where would we most likely find you?

It would be a Tuesday night, a couple of beers and I'd be hustling a group of friends over a game of poker in a pub in Wandsworth - occasionally winning!

4. Where did you get the inspiration for your food / menu? 

I'd been to a "foodie" festival on Clapham Common and had a very average pie and mash, with peas from a tin, that was £8. I knew I could do better, and after much trial and error, we've managed a better pie with better mash, better gravy, and definitely better peas.

5. Tell us an interesting fact about you that not many know.

I'm a VW Camper enthusiast. I've owned two in the UK - I drove the first to Rome, and in 2014 I circumnavigated France in the other. Pretty helpful when you get to the vineyards.

epic pie with sides from MYPIE

epic pie with sides from MYPIE

6. What's the most popular item on your menu?

Hampshire steak with red jalapeños and smoked cheddar is easily our most popular pie - it was a request from a customer and we've never looked back. It just won a silver medal at the British Pie Awards.

7. What do you eat when you're off work and at home?

When I'm off work I always eat with my family - anything from curry to pizza - mostly home cooked and often with vegetables that we've grown in our garden. Keep an eye out for some home grown veg in the salads over summer.

8. What's next for your business?

The next thing for our business is to launch MySaladBox in early April, which has been born purely from the uptake of salads as a side from the pie truck. It'll be four salads - changing often - and adding whatever you like, an egg, a piece of steak, chicken... 

9. Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner?

I can't narrow this to three, it's got to be four. Adam my brother, Dave, Shane, and Jim (who is also my business partner). Four great blokes from Tasmania, who I'd rather have beers with than anyone famous. Great stories and great entertainment.

10. What’s your favourite London cheap eat?

My favourite London cheap eat is without a doubt Hanks Po' Boys - the poor boy. Just don't eat it while driving. Not a good look. 


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