Welsh Rarebit Croissant from Dominique Ansel Bakery

Welsh Rarebit Croissant from Dominique Ansel Bakery

The French-born pastry chef made world famous for bringing us the Cronut, isn't just a one trick pony. Enter Dominque Ansel's London-based bakery and prepare to be overwhelmed by an array of genius creations, including the likes of the Dominique Kouign-Amann (a.k.a the DKA), Banoffee Paella, and the wallet friendly Welsh Rarebit Croissant. 

This is no ordinary croissant. For a start, it's huge. More a pastry cylinder than a croissant, it towers above the other pastries and is served slightly warm. Strike fast while it still is, and cut open the generously filled crisp casing to reveal the decadent Welsh rarebit mixture within: Guinness worcestershire, cheddar béchamel, whole grain mustard, and Fontina cheese.

It's densely packed and substantial, and coming in at just £3.75 to take away (£4.20 to eat in), it makes an ideal bite to go. If you're feeling fancy, you could even get two and still come in under our magic £8 mark. Or why not pair with a sweet treat, like one of their cookies or brownies, and you'll still have change to spare. 

Also very worthy of note is their 'Perfect Little Egg Sandwich' (£5 to go, £6 to eat in) which makes a decent light snack. It's worth getting just to see the wobble from the rectangular egg and gooey cheese melted on top! 

Words and photography | Ed Tan


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Last updated | 16th June 2017