traditional plate from Merkamo

traditional plate from Merkamo

Merkamo is a beautifully presented stall in the heart of Spitalfields Market, serving delicious and hearty Ethiopian fare from just £6.50. And it's all 100% vegan.

I went for the Traditional Plate - with a mind-blowing variety of components - from roasted beans and okra, to lentils, olives and couscous (and many more I'd never heard of before, like Sorghum seeds). 

My plate showcased every colour of the rainbow with plenty of exotic herbs and spices, and each bite brought surprises. The rolled injera (Ethipian flatbread) was delightfully spongy with a sourdough-like taste, and perfect for mopping the box clean. 

Other options at Merkamo include their Couscous Plate (featuring wild cherry tomatoes, grilled aubergines, courgettes), or their Green Plate (tabouli, parsley, broad beans with lime juice), all at £6.50.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


Old Spitalfields Market, Horner Square East, E1 6EW

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 11.30am - 5pm

Website |
Instagram | @merkamo.ethiopian
Facebook | merkamolondon

Last updated | 27th November 2017