roasted duck udon from Kano

roasted duck udon from Kano

This is the place to come for an authentic slice of Tokyo life.

As London's first stand-up noodle bar, compact Kano in the covered Liverpool Street Arcade leading into the station, fully embraces the city's culture of scoffing fantastic noodles in between work and home.

A small room with a bar running along each wall, and a hatch at which to place and pick up your order, Kano has a tight menu of six bowls of udon, a daily-changing udon special, okonomiyaki, and grilled eel on rice. 

All of the udons are under £8, the most expensive being the roasted duck at £7.90 (pictured). Expect fabulously springy and slippery noodles, a wonderful delicate broth, fresh toppings, and I think pretty much a whole breast of sliced bird.

If you get one of the cheaper options (around £6.50) and are feeling fancy, you can add extra noodles, inari sushi, or vegetable tempura for £1. And a vegetable gyoza in your bowl is just 50p.

Kano in Liverpool Street Station Arcade

Kano in Liverpool Street Station Arcade

This is a great spot that feels authentic, and it's even open for an early dinner. Expect a traditional Japanese welcome, and a cacophony of slurping from the Japanese expats that have found this gem. 

Cards are accepted but with a minimum of £8. There are also a couple of tables to sit at outside.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim

6 The Arcade, Liverpool Street EC2M 7PN

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 10am - 7pm

Tel | +44 (0) 20 7626 5660

Last updated | 15th April 2016