a slice of pie from NY Fold, Charing Cross Road

a slice of pie from NY Fold, Charing Cross Road

Pizza is becoming ever more popular in London. Just when you think you've had them all, another pops up to critical acclaim, and the craze starts all over again.

NY Fold are serving up New York style pizzas by the massive slice, and are deserving of your attention. 

For £7.50, you can get two huge slices from the vegetarian menu, and for £8.25, you can select from the entire rest of menu. Think copious amounts of gooey melted cheese, a crispy bottom with a slight and satisfying chew, and the characteristic ability to fold your slice in half so it doesn't completely flop over. 

There are those who would argue these aren't truly authentic New York pizzas; they are slightly thicker, and the toppings are more adventurous (a good thing!). But embrace the flavours and style NY Fold has to offer, as the pizza here is good enough to stand up to the rest. 

Come by yourself and get the deal, or come with friends and order a whole 20" pie. They're open until late every day, and you can even make a reservation! 

Words and photography | Ed Tan


103 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0DT

Opening hours
Mon - Sat | 11am - 12.30am
Sun | 12pm - 12am

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Twitter | @NYFold_London
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Tel | +44 (0)20 7287 6633

Last updated | 20th Jan 2017