Turkish menemen with sujuk, Morito in Bethnal Green

Turkish menemen with sujuk, Morito in Bethnal Green

Morito are well-known for their southern Spanish / Mediterranean tapas-style plates, but their Hackney Road branch now also serves punchy breakfast items at the weekend under our £8 mark, guaranteed to knock the life back into you after a heavy week.

I went for the menemen (Turkish scrambled eggs), packed with spices, tomato, chilli, onions and topped with fresh mint. Adding the sujuk sausage (a traditional dried, spicy beef sausage) for another quid, made the breakfast even more of a flavour explosion, and gave it some serious heat. There was no need for caffeine; it was probably the most highly spiced breakfast I've ever had. As far from a granola-with-yoghurt start to the day as is humanly possible. Chunky slices of bread were perfect for mopping it all up.

Other London Cheap Eats approved options include Morrocan pancakes with fresh goats curd and thyme honey for £5; eggs cooked with fried potatoes (heuvos rotos) with sweet peppers and smoked paprika for £7.50; or poached eggs with chilli butter, seasoned yoghurt and crispy sage for £7.50.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


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Last updated | 26th June 2016