Trinidadian BBQ chicken pelau rice from Soul Food, Borough Market

Trinidadian BBQ chicken pelau rice from Soul Food, Borough Market

Hands down, this is one of the best lunch offerings in Borough Market. Soul Food shares irresistible flavours - inspired by the cuisines of Africa, the Islands, and the Americas - all wrapped up in a tortilla flat bread, or packaged in a box for a take away meal.

It's no surprise they've made a name for themselves, with a queue often stretching some way. Chef Patrick (trained under Marco Pierre White) has a secure hand over all the cooking, right down to the final sprinkling of spring onion and coriander.

My vibrant box of traditional Trinidadian pelau rice (£6 on its own) was seriously good stuff, flavourful and moreish, with soft cubes of butternut squash.

But I went for the added BBQ chicken option (£7.50) - glorious. Or you could go for the plain rice with BBQ chicken (£6.50). However, the extra £1 for pelau is definitely worth it, with the rice lending most of its unique flavour from being added after the chicken is seared in caramelised sugar, then cooked in coconut milk. With a final drizzle of some fiery chilli sauce, I was good to go. Soul Food is a great find!

Words and photography | Bisi Bajomo


Borough Market | Green Market, 8 Southwark Street SE1 1TL

Opening hours
Mon - Sat | 10am - 5pm
Twitter | @eatsoulfood

Last updated | 14th April 2017