three roast rice from Young Cheng, Chinatown

three roast rice from Young Cheng, Chinatown

Young Cheng is hands down my favourite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

The quality is great, it's consistent, and the price point is on point. I'm most often there for dim sum on the weekends, but the crown jewel from their menu is the three roast rice. 

Crispy pork belly, juicy roast duck, and sweet char siu are layered on a huge pile of white rice, with soy sauce drizzled on top. It's the holy trinity of Chinese BBQ meat, and Young Cheng's offering strides in front of any of the other Chinese establishments around here, especially at this price point. 

I'd say recite that old cliché of not wanting to tell you about this place in case it gets too busy, but it's too late. It's pretty much packed from the moment it opens (they queue early) to closing time. 

Throw in the fact they also serve free pork broth as a starter to everyone who sits in, and that the service is actually decent for Chinatown, and Young Cheng is my choice pick from this part of London. Note: this dish is £6.50 as part of their lunch menu, on from 12pm to 6pm. 

But be careful, there is another Young Cheng on Shaftesbury Avenue that serves Chinese food buffet style. Do NOT accidentally go there. 

Words and photography | Ed Tan


22 Lisle Street WC2H 7BY

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Mon - Sat | 12pm - 11.30pm
Sun | 12pm - 10.30pm

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Last updated | 21st Nov 2016