Popcorn chicken and sweet potato fries from Bigbe in Chinatown

Popcorn chicken and sweet potato fries from Bigbe in Chinatown

Good Friend Chicken is a small Chinatown takeaway joint serving fried chicken, Taiwanese street-food style. With a concise menu of all-golden food stuffs, their popcorn chicken with a side of sweet potato fries is a satisfying meal, coming it at just under £6.

It might not win any health awards, but the crunchy chicken is surprisingly light and not greasy. Served in generous handfuls, staff toss the chunks in a seasoning of your choice, before serving with skewers for easy eating.

I tried the chilli powder, which made the chicken very more-ish, but not spicy. Other interesting options include curry, cheese, lemon or even thai-style powder. The sweet potato fries were flavoured with plum sauce - soft and delicious.

The brief menu also showcases Taiwan's iconic 'hammered' chicken breast, which reaches jumbo proportions after flattening (at least face-sized), and is a real stomach-filler for £5.50. You'll also find the likes of chicken wings (£2.50) or tofu (£2.50 - £3). 

Service is quick but friendly, with a few bar stools available. The chicken is halal, and it's a minimum £10 spend on card. Note: this place was formerly known as Bigbe Chicken, and used to be at number 10 Little Newport Street.

Words and photography | Steph Chan

Bigbe Chicken in Chinatown

Bigbe Chicken in Chinatown

14 Little Newport Street WC2H 7JJ

Opening hours
Mon - Thurs | 10am - 10pm
Fri - Sun | 10am - 11pm

Last updated | 16th Feb 2016