beef tagine and vegetarian tagine, Le Rif in Finsbury Park

beef tagine and vegetarian tagine, Le Rif in Finsbury Park

It’s when you take a step off the beaten path that you find some truly special places to eat in London, and Le Rif is one of these. It’s hidden away on Seven Sisters Road near Finsbury Park, and it’s a spot most would walk straight past. From the outside it looks like a local greasy spoon, but the food within is anything but.

Moroccan tagines are the main draw here, where for £6 or less you can get your hands on a perfectly spiced and balanced meat, fish or vegetable tagine, served on a bed of fluffy couscous or rice, in portions big enough to keep you going all day.

I opted for beef (£5.50) as lamb wasn’t available when I visited (£6); it was succulent and tender, well spiced and seasoned, with raisins and chickpeas giving the dish a sweet and a nutty flavour. A vegetarian version (£4.50) came piled high with lentils, squash, spinach, chickpeas and carrots, and had as much flavour, if not more, than its meaty counterpart. If you're feeling particularly hungry, you could even start with their soup of the day or a samosa, and still stay under budget.

Pair the food with a pot of fresh mint tea and you’ll be settling down to a great meal, for well under £8 a head. Note, cash only. 

Words and photography | Ed Tan


172-182 Seven Sisters Road N7 7PX

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 8am - 10pm
Sat - Sun | 12pm - 10pm

Tel | +44 (0)20 7263 1891

Last updated | 16th Sept 2016