glorious gözleme

glorious gözleme

Here's a lunchtime belly buster for you - a giant gözleme from the Turkish Gozleme Company at Whitecross Street Market. 

Traditional gözlemes found in Turkey have fillings within the actual bread, and the bread is much thinner. Here, they like to do things a little differently - fillings are piled on top of a thick and pillowy flat bread, then wrapped up into a sort of stuffed taste bud torpedo.

The dough is rolled out and cooked on a traditional flat griddle to order by two older ladies positioned at the back of the large stall. Those at the front pile on all manner of delights, load on the fresh and authentic Turkish salads, and add garlic sauce if you want it.

taking it down

taking it down

I always order the same - spinach, feta, sucuk (spicy beef sausage), plus all that salad, for just £5. You can very easily omit the meat for a vegetarian version, and it would be just as wonderful. I'm often defeated, so visit hungry.

All the staff are Turkish, and they stay true to the roots of this much-loved snack, just presenting it a little differently. They're also halal. Once you have one you'll understand why they consistently have the longest queue in the market. But don't worry, it moves quickly.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim

Whitecross Street Market | EC1Y 8JL

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 7am - 3pm

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Twitter | @ArslanGozleme

Last updated | 3rd Jan 2016