pie. mash and liquor from Arments Pie & Mash shop, Walworth

pie. mash and liquor from Arments Pie & Mash shop, Walworth

At 101 years old, Arments might be one of our most senior recommendations.

But since Londoners are still queuing for comforting pie and mash meals for less than £4, retiring won't be on the cards for them any time soon.

I went for the classic combination: steak and kidney pie (£2.50), mash (£1.15) and parsley liquor, at £3.65.

The handmade pie was delightful, filled with hearty minced meats. Pastry was soft at the base, with a flaky and golden crust, and Arments actually use two different pastries to achieve these textures. Lighter than they look, it's not difficult to double up and try other options, like the classic steak pie, or the vegetarian pie (quorn, spices and fresh herbs). Or why not finish off with a fruit pie for dessert at just £1.10.

Alongside the pie, vinegar and chilli vinegar on the tables add an acidic kick to the rich pastry. The parsely liquor - a stunning 'Green Eggs 'n' Ham' shade of green - is traditionally made from the juice of stewed eels, but today contains parsley only. The fluffy mash is simple, without the addition of butter or milk, so you may find it needs a shake of the salt and pepper pots for sufficient seasoning.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


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Last updated | 25th Nov 2016