big bowl of spaghetti from SpagBowl, regular size

big bowl of spaghetti from SpagBowl, regular size

A small, hole-in-the-wall type eatery and seconds from Moorgate station, Spagbowl serves up an impressive range of delicious sounding pastas, salads and desserts. 

Designed to be eaten back at your desk or perched on one of the three stools just inside the door, with a name like that, who's not going to order the bolognese?

For £4.50, this is an incredibly large, food coma-inducing bowl of spaghetti. Drowning in a sauce that’s probably been simmering for days, soft granules of tender mince cling to each strand of pasta, threatening to let fly and call your nice white office shirt home.

The regular size is a hefty portion, enough to constitute a dinner. The large is still only £6.80, but it’s a very hungry person who takes that challenge on. If the regular is anything to go by, the large must be served in a bucket.

Words and photography | Guest post from Nik Speller - Food, Drink & Lifestyle Writer

Editor's note: their hot pasta is served between 11.30am and 3.30pm, and gluten free pasta is also available.

2c City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street EC2Y 9AL

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 8am - 5pm

Website |
Twitter | @spagbowllondon

Tel | +44 7943 660 924

Last updated | 27th Apr 2016