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souvlaki special from Souvlaki Street

souvlaki special from Souvlaki Street

Forget the kebabs from your local takeaway, or the dry and stale pitas from the Sainsbury’s basics section. Souvlaki Street takes Greek souvlaki to a whole new level with their tight and tasty menu.
An instant hit whichever market they turn up to, these guys churn out their wraps pretty much non-stop from when they open, until they sell out.

Persevere with the queue because this is a fantastic meal, with tender meat from either pork shoulder or chicken thigh, grilled halloumi, fresh salad for extra flavour and crunch, and a punchy tzatziki that binds it all together.
They have a few options on the menu, but The Special takes one meat skewer and two slices of halloumi for lunch perfection. If you’re particularly hungry, they now do a Mega Special which is DOUBLE the meat and cheese (yes, four halloumi slices!) for £9. But the standard is more than enough, with the perfect proportion of pita to souvlaki.
Find them at street food markets across London, Saturdays at North Cross, Sundays at Chatsworth, and other appearances listed on their website.

Words and photography | Ed Tan

Various locations on various days of the week - see here ('Find Us') and their Twitter account (below) for the latest list.
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Last updated | 26th May 2017