roast duck and pork noodle soup at Hung's, Chinatown

roast duck and pork noodle soup at Hung's, Chinatown

As winter begins to bite in London, you can do worse than diving into Hung's in Chinatown for a hot bowl of soupy noodles.

Inspired by rows of barbecued meats in their front window, I tried their noodle soup with roast duck and roast pork for £7.20.

The clear pork bone broth was simple and subtly flavoured, and submerged plenty of chewy wheat noodles. Generous slices of sweet char siu and savoury duck lent their fatty, meaty flavours to the broth well.

Like most Chinatown joints, Hung's price point aims for triple digits, and many complete meals fall under our £8 mark. For example, try their roast meats on steamed rice (£6.60 for one meat, £7.20 for two).

The interior is very much no frills, it can get cramped, and service is somewhat brusque. But it's open until the small hours - great for the night owls. Classic Chinatown in all its glory. Note: minimum spend £10 on card.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


27 Wardour Street W1D 6PR

Opening hours
Mon - Sat | 10am - 4am
Sun | 12pm - 4am

Tel | +44 (0)20 7287 6578

Last updated | 31st Oct 2016