Now you might be thinking, who would pay £6 for a salad, for lunch? I wondered the very same thing, but the recommendations for this place were many, and what you get is well worth the money. Let me break it down for you.

roast chicken and halloumi salad from Savage Salads

roast chicken and halloumi salad from Savage Salads

Layer 1: spinach and kale. The cornerstone of a healthy meal.

Layer 2: four fresh, filling, and seasonal salads. On the day, I had (clockwise) pearl barley and sweet potato, diced purple cabbage with orange zest and rosemary, wild rice and lentils with sun dried tomatoes, and quinoa with beetroot. All balanced, light and with some degree of complexity.

Layer 3: chicken, halloumi, or both! You can even ask for extra for an additional £1-2, if your appetite stretches that far. That old adage about 'eyes bigger than your stomach' comes to mind.

Layer 4: large ‘spoon’ of hummus (£1 extra). Just in case three layers isn’t enough.

Bonus layer: two quarters of pita. Use as delicious bread shovels if you’d rather not use cutlery.

Head on down to Berwick Street, early if possible (before 12:30pm) to avoid the mighty queue that forms daily. Place your order and scurry off to enjoy your (large) box of yum. If you manage to finish it in one sitting, kudos to you. I know people who stretch this into dinner, it's that filling.

Words and photography | Alistair Wood

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Last updated | 29th Feb 2016