poutine with slow-cooked pork rib meat from The Poutinerie

poutine with slow-cooked pork rib meat from The Poutinerie

The Poutinerie have taken this classic French-Canadian dish to the next level. Their standard version - a weighty box of skin-on fries bathed in rich gravy with cheese curds - is £5.

But for another £3, you can have it with The Rib Man's slow-cooked pork rib meat (a London Cheap Eat in its own entity), and Holy F*ck hot sauce too.

The £8 option packs even more flavour into the box, with tender chunks of meat working perfectly into the mix.

The hot sauce is optional but recommended, adding serious punch (it's made with scotch bonnet and ghost peppers), toned down only by delicious pockets of melted cheese curds. It's not the lightest lunch, but it beats an overpriced salad bar in the City, no question.

These guys travel around London's street food markets during the week, with a permanent home at Brick Lane's Sunday market. Keep an eye on their Twitter account to find out where they'll be popping up next.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


Sunday Upmarket | Brick Lane E1 6HR
Check their social media to find them on other days.

Opening hours
Sun | 10am - 3pm

Website | facebook.com/thepoutinerie
Instagram | @the_poutinerie
Twitter | @ThePoutinerie

Last updated | 17th Aug 2016