Caprone pizza from La Saporita in Finsbury Park

Caprone pizza from La Saporita in Finsbury Park

With ambient lighting and a moody atmosphere, people go to La Saporita for a relaxed and chilled out meal. But their takeaway service is also overwhelmingly popular, with delivery drivers popping in and out throughout the evening. 

Their pizzas are their most precious asset, classically thin and baked in a modern clay oven. Typical of that much-loved Italian warmth is the affection demonstrated by their staff, frequently hugging and grasping regular customers by the hand. As a result, they've become both child and group-friendly, creating a buzzing evening vibe with full larger tables.

The vast majority of their 12" pizzas come in under our magic £8 mark, from their bolognese pizza and their house-named La Saoporita with parma ham and rocket; to their Capricciosa with mozzarella, tomato, artichokes, ham, olives and egg, and their Fiorentina with mozzarella, tomato, egg and spinach. 

I tried their vegetarian Caprone - slivers of red onions, mushrooms, tangy balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes and partially melted goat’s cheese, all on the time-honoured classic tomato and mozzarella base. Lovely stuff.

Words and photography | Bisi Bajomo


174 Tollington Park N4 3AJ

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 12pm - 11pm

Tel | +44 (0)20 7272 5040

Last updated | 18th March 2016