double pie and double mash at Goddards

double pie and double mash at Goddards

No trip to Greenwich is complete without a meal at Goddards, one of London's oldest pie and mash shops. 

Established in 1890 at a different site in Deptford, the business has been in the current Greenwich location since 1952, the same year the Cutty Sark was placed in dry dock just round the corner.

What's particularly charming is that Goddards has been run by the same family, passed down through generations, since it first opened. 

Pie and mash is a great London tradition, once a staple for the cockney geezer, but now enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. All their pies are homemade and unlike many other old school pie and mash shops, they've extended their range to include the likes of chicken and mushroom, chilli minced beef, and even a veggie soya pie, to name a few.

But if you want to stay true to London's roots, order the classic minced beef pie. One of these, with a side of mash is seriously pocket-friendly £4. I always want two pies with my mash, and that's £5.80. You can start getting silly with the likes of double pie and double mash (that's a lot of potato) for £6.70 (pictured), or go really crazy and have triple of both, which is still only £7.50. 

All pie and mash is served with your choice of liquor (a thick parsley sauce) or gravy. Extras include peas, baked beans, and jellied eels for the brave, and desserts go for as little as £1.30 if you fancy a bit of ice cream or custard. There's communal bench seating, and a load more seats upstairs. Vegetarian pies available as well. 

I hope Goddards sticks around for the next 120 years too.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim

Goddards at Greenwich

Goddards at Greenwich

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Last updated | 23rd May 2016