Paratha wrap with curries, Tifinbox in Aldgate

Paratha wrap with curries, Tifinbox in Aldgate

Wraps for lunch are not uncommon. But how often do you see the standard tortilla replaced with a beautiful, buttery, flaky paratha, and stuffed silly with curry and salad?

These wraps aren't for the faint-hearted; even the small sizes are pretty monstrous. Not forgetting the scavenged trail of flakes that fall from the paratha as you tear into your wrap.

If you'd prefer an alternative to paratha, you can choose a roti, tortilla or naan bread. And if it's not a carb day, a salad bowl. Then select your curry, or a mix of two if you're feeling adventurous. For the really big appetites, you can add masala fries and a drink for an extra £1.69. My top flavour choices are the Chicken 65 and Lamb Chilli, and wraps range from £4.59 for the smallest, to £6.99 for a large with two curries.

Across the menu, the fillings are rich in flavour and spicing, and generous in their helpings of tasty meat. The queues are long but quick, testament to the quality of the food. And they also offer a selection of rice dishes with curry and biryanis. Great Indian food, both to eat in and take out. It's well worth checking out. Note: the wraps are served from 11am to 6.30pm.

Words and photography | Ed Tan


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