a different kind of morning glory

a different kind of morning glory


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; only problem is not enough of us are awake early enough to enjoy it. I'm guilty of it - consistently running out the door and surviving on nothing more than a morning coffee. And I'm not alone.

But let's be honest, breakfast is never really that exciting is it? I can't get particularly worked up over a bowl of cornflakes and milk or laud over a piece of toast. I'd much rather wait for lunch and get something a bit more interesting. But that thinking has changed with the discovery of the weekend brunch one-pan eggs at London Grind.

Now let it be said, baked eggs are nothing new and London Grind haven't gone a reinvented the wheel with this dish; what they have done, however, is do it very well.

The serving of two eggs with a generous portion of spinach, tomatoes, beans, pistachios and slices of sourdough toast are a substantial meal and a great kick start to the day, powering you through to a late lunch. Talk about a morning glory.

Words and photography | Kar-Shing Tong

Editor's Note
This dish can only be found on their weekend brunch menu.


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