various dishes at Baozi Inn

various dishes at Baozi Inn

Eating out in Chinatown is a bit of a lottery if you don't know where to go, but there are some real bargains to be had at the likes of Jen Café, Tokyo Diner, Misato and the notorious Wong Kei.

Northern Chinese Baozi Inn is another winner you've probably walked past a hundred times on your way to Gerrard Street. 

It's very cosy inside, and the service on my most recent visit was friendly and efficient. Their steamed buns and skimpy skewers are nothing to write home about, but the generous noodle dishes and dumpling portions (mostly around the £7.50 mark) are well worth your time.

Go for something along the lines of steamed egg noodles with red braised pork, Chengdu dumplings in chilli oil and garlic sauce, or Henan steamed egg noodles with pork, green beans and pak choy.

Words and photography | Matt Hickman


25 Newport Court WC2H 7JS

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 12pm - 9.30pm

Tel | +44 (0) 020 7287 6877