salmon, tuna and tofu at WAKA

salmon, tuna and tofu at WAKA

All hail the rise of the higher end grab-and-go eateries that are beginning to take over London. And a warm welcome to recently launched Waka, which is part of this new wave.

A casual Nikkei-inspired restaurant (fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine) just five minutes from the Tower of London, Waka's menu features a selection of handmade sushi plates, gyoza, ceviches and tiraditos, cold options, hot options, sides, and desserts. Everything is well under our magic £8 mark, meaning you can comfortably order two dishes and still stay within budget if you're taking away.

Examples include their salmon anticicho bowl with Peruvian purple potato for £4.95, chicken teriyaki bowl for £4.85, and my favourite, the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and papa morada (purple potato) salad for £4.95. 

Pair these with some vegetable dumplings for £2.85, and you’ve got yourself a great meal. 

Food here is primarily designed to take away, but there is plenty of seating in their basement for those who have a bit of extra change in their pocket and want to linger.

Forget Wasabi, Itsu, and the rest of the soulless chains. and hit up Waka ASAP. People of The City, rejoice!

Note: I didn't quite get the snaps I needed from my visits, so we asked for the press ones instead.

Words | Kar-Shing Tong
Photography | WAKA

 kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and papa morada (purple potato) salad at Waka

kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and papa morada (purple potato) salad at Waka


39A Eastcheap, City of London, EC3M 1DE

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 10am - 6pm.

Website |
Twitter | @WakaLDN
Instagram | @WakaLondon
Facebook | WakaLondon

Last updated | 10th October 2017