The endless Middle Eastern eateries in and around Edgware Road are prime for good eating, particularly late at night as many are open until the small hours.

Quality varies from one to the next, but the halal Maroush group have been consistent and reliable since they started trading in these parts in 1981. If you're on a budget, their casual cafe-style Beirut Express branch is the place to go. Absolutely heaving in the evenings when the local communities and beyond descend onto the area, expect it to be busy if you're visiting after dark. Double that if it's a weekend. 

mixed shawarma wrap from Maroush Beirut Express

mixed shawarma wrap from Maroush Beirut Express

Their gloriously garlic-heavy mixed shawarma wrap is a good deal at £5, plus it comes with a portion of blushed pickled turnips and chillies. Expect the sauce to drip down your fingers - it can be a messy affair if you attempt to unroll it for the sake of a picture, as I may have done. 

But to fill you up and if there are two of you, also order a portion of six fat dolma to share (£5) and you'll be well satisfied. Just don't expect a snog anytime soon.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim


112 - 114 Edgware Road W2 2DZ

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 7am - 2am

Website | maroush.com/beirut-express-edgware
Twitter | @maroush
Instagram | @maroush

Tel | +44 (0) 20 7724 2700

Last updated | 20th June 2016