grilled chicken in lemon, garlic and oregano from Yiro

grilled chicken in lemon, garlic and oregano from Yiro


The yiro is beautiful in its simplicity. How can marinated meat crammed into bread taste so good, that I find myself absolutely hooked?

It's easy to see why it's so popular in Greece, its country of origin, and I feel it's starting to explode onto the London scene with a growing number of vendors now feeding the crowd.

My loyalty, however, sits firmly with street food vendors Yiro, who serve some of the best value versions of this awesome Greek sandwich I've found. Their fare is all about fusion, marrying together Asian flavours with authentic Greek cuisine. 

Think pitas stuffed with chips, salad, sauces and a free range meat of your choice (duck, beef, chicken or keep it veggie with halloumi), marinated in Greek and Asian ingredients.  

My preference is for the The Spicy One (slow-cooked beef brisket marinated in a chilli sauce) however The Classic chicken is also a beaut. 

Words and photography | Kar-Shing Tong

The Spicy One from Yiro

The Spicy One from Yiro

Fenchurch Street Station Market | EC3M 4AJ

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Tues - Fri | 11am - 4pm

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Last updated | 7th Mar 2016