Philly Cheesesteak baguette from Porterford Butchers, St Paul's

Philly Cheesesteak baguette from Porterford Butchers, St Paul's

Meat, glorious meat! Sorry veggies, this one’s definitely not for you. Porterford Butchers on Bow Lane has been serving up cooked meats on the side of their butchers counter for a while now, and to huge success.
Popular items are huge baguettes stuffed with meat - from your standard sausage or bacon, to a Philly Cheese, to a lamb shank baguette - packed with shredded meat and sauce of your choice.

Also on the menu are burgers including wagyu beef, short rib and marrow, and Iberico pork. If you feel like free styling, you can just fill a bag with meat and its accessories. Think lamb chops, scotch eggs, ribs, roast potatoes, or kebabs. Picnic anyone?
At £5 for one baguette, these are truly full meals. I’ve often been defeated by just half the portion, and have saved the rest to take home and savour later on.
With queues going round the block, it’s a fast affair with quick service. Check out the menu on their website, take cash or card, and prepare yourself for possibly one of the best value lunches in the area.
Words and photography | Ed Tan


72 Watling Street EC4M 9BJ

Opening times
Mon - Thurs | 6am - 6.30pm
Fri | 6am - 7pm
Twitter | @Porterfords

Tel | +44 (0)20 7248 1396

Last updated | 27th March 2017