grilled chicken pita with salads

grilled chicken pita with salads


A healthy Mediterranean take away stop near Liverpool Street Station, Badolina marinate their chicken overnight before being cooked over charcoal for your pleasure.

They have an attractive and straightforward menu: choose your meat (Mediterranean chicken, Middle Eastern chicken or minced lamb), select your salad and sauces, and decide whether you want it all stuffed in a pita, in a container, or in a container with a load of humous. 

Rushing into Central London I was beckoned in off the street by fervent waving from behind the grill; top marks for service and for their diverse range of meats, pickled veggies and dips.

Mine was the Middle Eastern, not in fact a tall bronzed gentleman but grilled chicken thighs in pita, pre-marinated overnight in za’atar, cumin, sumac and a load of other things. It's then filled with your selection of vegetables. Yours for £5.65.

Go for the container option and for another 80p (£6.45) they'll be cramming more in. Or you could double up the portion for a further £1.85 (£8.30), although pita is not included. The humous container option is a good one to help loosen everything up at £6.25. Again, you can double up for another £1.85 (£8.10).

A great spot for a healthy meal to soak up any post-work boozing - it's open extra late until 11.30pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Words and photography | Bisi Bajomo


206-210 Bishopgate EC2M 4NR

Opening hours
Mon - Tues | 11am - 11pm
Wed - Sun | 11am - 11.30pm

Tel | +44 (0) 20 7283 3660

Last updated | 10th Jan 2016