lamb chops at Tayyabs

lamb chops at Tayyabs

Tayyabs is known for a few things. No corkage, cheap food, questionable service, awesome meat and bread, and rowdy queues.

On a quiet Tuesday night, we were seated instantly and well looked after (chutney top-ups, free-flowing water, efficient service), and there were no drunken Londoners in sight - another win for the weekdays. 

As food critic Jay Rayner quite rightly said, "There are two things worth trying at Tayyabs. All of the meats and all of the breads.". The star of the show are the lamb chops, currently £7 for four.

It's not quite a meal in itself, though once you've gnawed away at every last bit of smoky, marinated meat, you'll be exhausted. Chuck in a tandoor roti for 90p and you're nearly there. If you've got cash to spare, get a couple of seekh kebabs (£1.10 each), five pieces of chicken tikka (£3.40), and a lamb stuffed keema naan (£2.95) and you'll go home very happy.

Words and photography | Matt Hickman


83-89 Fieldgate Street E1 1JU

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 12pm - 11.30pm

Tel | +44 (0) 20 7247 9543

Last updated | 3rd Jan 2016

lamb-stuffed keema naan at Tayyabs

lamb-stuffed keema naan at Tayyabs