Chicken dak bulgogi with rice and sides, Tohbang in Clerkenwell

Chicken dak bulgogi with rice and sides, Tohbang in Clerkenwell

Korean restaurant Tohbang has some stiff competition being moments from Leather Lane market, but for sit down lunch choices it shines, with over 20 set deals at £6.90.

Striken with an acute case of menu paralysis, the staff suggested I go for the chicken dak bulgogi, served with white rice, miso soup, and Korean side dishes (banchan). The generous heap of chicken bulgogi was marinated in chilli paste and sesame oil, and came out sweet and tender, with just the right amount of kick. I loved the homemade sides of crunchy, sesame oil beansprouts and cucumber kimchi, and I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy a warm miso soup as an accompaniment.

Tohbang is somewhere you can venture beyond the well known Korean bibimbap, and try dishes like kimchi stews, traditional soybean paste broths, deep fried tofu, or grilled salted mackerel, all for the price of £6.90 with side dishes at lunch.

Having said that, their bibimbap is a cracker, served sizzling in a hot stone bowl. Toppings include beef, garlic and soy aubergines, or seafood. It's worth mentioning Tohbang is still a very reasonably priced restaurant the rest of the time, with many mains around £8, and sides around £3. Note: £15 minimum spend on card, and they do take away.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


164 Clerkenwell Road EC1R 5DU

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 11pm
Sat | 6pm - 11pm


Tel | +44 (0)20 7278 8674

Last updated | 24th March 2017