Jian Bang wrap at Pleasant Lady, 23 Greek Street

Jian Bang wrap at Pleasant Lady, 23 Greek Street

Chinese street food is working its way through London, from huge fried chicken pieces to dumplings and noodles. Another dish that's cropping up is the Jian Bing – a Chinese version of a crepe that’s STUFFED with goodies, wrapped, and folded in front of your eyes.

Aside from the thrill of seeing the wrap being made in front of you within a minute or so, the Jian Bing comes with an egg, herbs, salad, a peanut sauce, chilli oil (highly recommended), crispy wonton skins, fried dough, and if you fancy them, meaty extras in the form of Iberico pork (+£1.80), cumin lamb or grilled miso chicken (+£1).

This is a serious portion, almost too big to be carried in one hand comfortably but easy enough to tear into with ease on the street. The Iberico pork is the one featured here, and adds a serious meaty kick to the wrap. We hear the lamb and chicken are also good options and well worth trying.

At £6 for the basic wrap, you may feel it's a bit pricey. But everything here is homemade by the team behind Pleasant Lady – including the pickles, sauces, and batter mix that has a mind boggling list of ingredients designed to make a perfect crepe. This is a great cheap eat that will fill you up, without the guilty feeling!

Card only.

Words and photography | Ed Tan


23 Greek St, Soho, W1D 4DY

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Mon - Sun | 11.30am - 8.30pm

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Last updated | 6th July 2018