jerk chicken with rice 'n' peas, Cafe Caribbean

jerk chicken with rice 'n' peas, Cafe Caribbean

Smack bang in the centre of Spitalfields Market, you'll find Cafe Caribbean serving comforting jerk chicken, curry mutton, and ackee saltfish, to City workers and shoppers alike, from just £6.

Their whole menu falls below our magic £8 mark. So, if you're like me and freeze when confronted with too many food choices, try the small samples the staff happily hand out first.

I ended up with a glorious box of jerk chicken on a bed of rice and peas (beans) for £6. It included two pieces of tender chicken on the bone, packed with flavour, and with just the right amount of heat to knock you back into action on a brisk winter's day. I was totally full, but if you're not, they do extras like plantain (£1) or salt fish fritters (£1.50). You can also add some of their house-made hot sauce for no extra charge. 

Seating is limited to what you can find in the market, and Cafe Caribbean happens to be right next door to another London Cheap Eat favourite, Pilpel. Note: there's a 50p surcharge if you use a card to pay a bill that's under £10.

Words and photography | Steph Chan


Old Spitalfields Market E1 6EW

Opening hours
Mon – Fri | 10am - 7.30pm
Sat | 11am – 5pm
Sun | 11am – 4pm
Twitter | @CafeCaribbean
Instagram | @cafecaribbean

Tel | +44 (0)20 7377 6443

Last updated | 16th Dec 2016