Standard hummus is a go-to snack we all know and often turn to. Slightly coarse, a general flavour of sesame - it's usually an "ok" accompaniment in your wrap, salad or dip pot.

But great hummus is creamy, delicious and moreish. Brilliant hummus is the hummus you can find at street food stall Hummus Lina, and it will make your jaw drop in surprise at just how damn good this humble Middle Eastern staple can be. 

It really is that good. Served warm and super smooth, it's almost velvety in its texture, and perfectly seasoned with a serious punch of tahini. The toppings (of which there are three choices) are great accompaniments, adding texture and a flavour kick that helps make every bite delicious, and the next one oh so easy. 

Portions cost a mere £5, including one of those toppings: either chickpeas, guacamole or mushroom stew. Hummus cries out for something to scoop it up with, and Hummus Lina throw in two homemade pittas, which are in themselves worthy of attention. Fluffy, warm and fresh, they make the perfect vessel via which to scoff your tasty food. 

Words and photography | Ed Tan


Unit 702 Stables Market NW1 8AH

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 11.30am - 5pm

Instagram | @hummuslina

Tel | +44 (0)7427 016 377

Last updated | 24th Feb 2017