chicken wings with chips and sides at Lebanese Grill

chicken wings with chips and sides at Lebanese Grill

Lebanese Grill is a small and locally celebrated deli-type takeaway where you'll find both big portions and big flavours. 

Meats are seasoned and grilled to smoky perfection, with a multitude of options; falafel, kebabs, burgers, halloumi and boneless chicken, priding themselves on selling only what's been freshly made that day.

The best part? These guys aim to please and are pretty flexible, happy to negotiate a good price for a mix of their best bits.

This is a sure fire winner for anyone in this neck of the woods looking for freshly grilled meats, and an efficient takeaway service. I stood at the side-bar marvelling at my monster of a meal before smothering it in as much sauce and vinegar as I desired. 

My dinner was delicious and wholeheartedly satisfying. Smouldering chicken wings sat tender and juicy on top of chunky fries (or rice, depending on your preference), flanked by hefty portions of tabbouleh and humous. To top it off, fresh pickled cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers.

Get your grilled goods - meat or vegetarian - in a wrap or in a box with sides, and in your hands you hold a terrific meal. Note: this is a takeaway place with a couple of seats, and cash only.

Words and photography | Bisi Bajomo


173 New Kent Road SE1 4AG

Opening hours
Mon - Sat | 11am - late
Sun | 12pm - late

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Tel | +44 (0) 20 7407 1155

Last updated | 28th March 2016