gözleme with everything from Oasis, Leather Lane

gözleme with everything from Oasis, Leather Lane

The Turkish gözlemes made fresh in the window by a little old lady at Oasis on Leather Lane, always win top marks for providing a tasty and filling meal. 

A big and round flat bread is stuffed with fillings, folded over, cooked on a domed griddle, chopped up into manageable bites, and you can then add their homemade cacik (like tzatziki) or chilli sauce.

Their most expensive gözleme option is £3.90, with spinach, feta cheese and potato; if you're feeling especially ravenous, you could get two and still stay within our budget. But you'd likely not finish them.

Either of those fillings on its own and you're looking at around £3 - £3.50. Or you could go off menu and ask for 'everything' (spinach, potato, feta, minced lamb), which will seriously stuff you and set you back just £5.40.

We think they serve the gözleme all day, but the lady only makes them fresh in the window during the lunchtime rush. It's definitely worth seeing it in action.

Words and photography | Alistair Wood

gözleme at Oasis, Leather Lane

gözleme at Oasis, Leather Lane

27 Leather Lane EC1N 7TE

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 7am - 4pm

Tel | +44 (0)20 7831 5128  

Last updated | 10th Feb 2017