chicken tikka wrap from Barbican Express, Whitecross Street Market

chicken tikka wrap from Barbican Express, Whitecross Street Market

Have you ever looked at an amount of food so large that it's made you no longer feel hungry?

That’s how I felt when faced with the monstrous, foot-long wrap from the Barbican Express street food stall, pitched up outside their bricks and mortar restaurant during lunch, stuffed with succulent chicken tikka pulled straight from the oven.

Of all the stalls at Whitecross Street Market, Barbican Express is one of the most popular (alongside the Turkish Gozleme Company opposite - another London Cheap Eats favourite). With impressive chopping and assembling efficiency, these guys churn out wraps with enough chicken in them, that they require a scoop to portion them out. 
Add in crunchy and great quality onion bhajis, ask for all the salad and sauces, and you’ll have more than enough lunch to comfortably feed two people. I am yet to witness anyone finish a whole wrap, and I've given it my best shot a fair few times.
A textbook definition of a London Cheap Eat, Barbican Express feeds the masses with huge portions and low prices. This mammoth chicken wrap only costs £5, and the bhajis come in at 50p each. One of my top picks from Whitecross Street Market.

Words and photography | Ed Tan

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Last updated | 15th Aug 2016