Dozo's two branches in Soho and South Kensington are renowned for their Japanese fine dining dishes, the prices of which are normally well over our £8 budget. But during their weekday lunch hours (12pm - 3pm at both sites), a magic menu appears where every item is just £7.90, and comes with a bowl of miso soup and a green tea.

chirashi don with seven pieces of raw fish, Dozo Sushi

chirashi don with seven pieces of raw fish, Dozo Sushi

These range from loaded bento bozes (chicken, salmon, tempura deluxe, beef, tofu), deep and rich bowls of ramen (chilli beef, chilli chicken, seafood, tori yaki, sallmon yaki), sushi and sashimi sets, katsu curries, and rice bowls with all sorts of toppings. On my first visit I went for a chirashi don; a hearty bowl of rice spiked with roe, topped with seven pieces of raw fish.

Making a reservation is advised if there are a few of you; I was asked if I had one on arrival. If you're dining solo, expect to be seated at the communal Japanese-style dining table at the back, where you sit on the floor in the traditional manner, but they've mercifully made it sunken to pop your feet in, for those of us who can't sit crossed-legged quite as well as the natives.

This is the rarest of things: a fantastic spot for a cheap lunch, of excellent quality, in a fine dining setting, in the middle of town. I expect it to become my go to option whenever I find myself in Soho during those hours; I intend to work through the whole menu.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim

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Last updated | 21st Jan 2017