huge falafel wrap from I Falafel

huge falafel wrap from I Falafel

Who doesn't love a falafel wrap? I Falafel in Goulston Street's market serves up ludicrously large falafel flatbread wraps for £4, to a mix of Gherkin suits and locals for weekday lunches.

You'll encounter a lengthy queue, but don't fret - the man in charge wraps falafel at lightning speed (check out the video below - it also shows just how big they are). Just be sure to get one with everything so that you don't interfere with his honed assembly line - falafel, houmous, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, gherkins, tomato, chilli, mint, sesame sauce. Delicious. I Falafel. You Falafel.

P.S. Satay Bangkok in the same market is another good spot - grab a huge chicken satay with rice for £5. Their large pan puts paella traders to shame.

Words, photography and video | Matt Hickman

Goulston Street Food Court | E1 7TP

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Mon - Fri | 10am - 3pm


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Last updated | 31st Jan 2016