falafel container at Pilpel

falafel container at Pilpel

In a time of expanding menus, for a place to only serve one item, and for that item to be purely vegetarian, is uncommon.

Pilpel do this with their plump falafel, and it's arguably some of the best falafel in London.

My friends know full well, for me to commit to an entirely vegetarian meal is both difficult and rare; I love meat.

But Pilpel is the exception, and judging from the relentless queues (which do move quickly), I'm not alone. 

A falafel container with six deep-fried balls and your choice of salads - green, tabouleh, red and white cabbage, carrot, pickled cucumbers, jalapeños, onions and chickpeas - is £5.80. Add an extra for 60p - choose from aubergine, guacamole, feta or a hard-boiled egg.

Or you could go with their ready made containers which include a mix of extras, still with your choice of salads and sauces, still for £6.40. Or get it all stuffed in a pitta for less.

They pride themselves on not adding any flour to their recipe, unlike so many other falafel vendors. It's 100% chickpeas, fresh vegetables and spices. And it's great.

Words and photography | Kar-Shing Tong

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Last updated | 17th Jan 2016