Hailing from the streets under the guise of Dough Bros, Crust Bros is the crew's big move into a permanent bricks and mortar site. 

Long gone are the gazebos and portable ovens, now replaced with a smart, sit down pizzeria in Waterloo, flooded with natural light and oozing character. The delicious and speedily cooked Neapolitan pizza remains the same, with a hand-stretched sourdough base topped with the very best ingredients founder Joe can get his hands on. 

For me, the Hot and Heavy n'duja number (£7.45) has always been a winner, harking back to the days when they were trading on the streets. But at Crust Bros, I'm all for their Fix Your Own option, where you start with plain dough and, like a blank canvas, create your own masterpiece.

Starting at £5.95 which covers the basics (i.e. base with red sauce and mozzarella, or white sauce with mozzarella and Parmesan), you add toppings to your heart's content at £1 a pop, from a list of 30 ingredients. Pro tip: upgrade to the green sauce for £1. An absolute winner, with no additional toppings required!

Words and photography | KS Tong


113 Waterloo Road SE1 8UL

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 6pm - 11pm
Sat - Sun | 12pm - 11pm
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Twitter | @crustbros
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Tel | +44 (0)203 034 3424

Last updated | 18th Aug 2017