chicken dhaba Express Lunch, with an extra roti, Hankie's Café

chicken dhaba Express Lunch, with an extra roti, Hankie's Café

Named after the way the roti is hand-spun until thin enough to read through, then folded up like a handkerchief, Hankies serves quality Indian food on the edge of Chinatown.

A pretty cheap restaurant as it is, they've recently launched an Express Lunch menu coming in at a low price of £5.50, available 12pm - 4pm every day.

Your choice of curries from chicken dhaba, lamb keema with liver, or pumpkin paneer, is served with a freshly baked roti, along with a hefty salad. The flavours are bold and well balanced. The meaty lamb in the keema pairs really well with the chicken liver and fenugreek. Whilst the dry chicken curry is tender and juicy. My personal favourite is the pumpkin paneer, coming in large chunks with a thick red pepper sauce that had me crying out for more. 

From the a la carte, the chicken dhaba is £5.50, and with a £1.75 roti, still comes in under our £8 mark. But the best way to enjoy Hankies it to come with friends, and order a few things to share, Indian tapas style. Between a group of you, you'll be hard pressed to spend more than £10 stuffing your face silly. Good thing the cocktails are only £5.50 then...

Words and photography | Ed Tan


67 Shaftesbury Avenue W1D 6EX

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 12pm - 11pm
Twitter | @hankies67
Instagram | @hankies_cafe

Tel | +44 (0)207 871 6021

Last updated | 3rd July 2017