fishy delights

fishy delights


I love calamari to the point that it's almost an obsession. If it's on the menu at a restaurant, chances are I'll order it and sometimes, more than once.

So when I walked past Squid Kitchen on a visit to Partridges Market, the decision of what to eat was made for me. This proved to be a decision I wouldn't regret with the calamari rings absolutely on point.

Lightly battered and perfectly fried, it resembles that of tempura and would rival any restaurant dish I've had. The sauces on offer (three in total) are all delicious, but my preference is the classic garlic mayo. 

The calamari is available either in a roll or in a cone with the difference in quantity of calamari only being marginal between the two.

Words and photography |
Kar-Shing Tong


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Last updated | 5th Oct 2015