cacio e pepe pasta from Wolf in Broadgate

cacio e pepe pasta from Wolf in Broadgate

Wolf is first and foremost an all-day seasonal Italian restaurant in Stoke Newington, but they've recently opened a weekday spot for city types, in a stylish container space in Broadgate's Finsbury Avenue Square. It's effectively a street food operation, though there is some seating inside their unit.

Visit for their fresh pasta, made to order. Their cacio e pepe (£7.50) is next level comfort food - fresh tonnarelli pasta with black pepper, pecorino, parmesan and a cultured butter emulsion, plus two chunks of delicious focaccia. It's glorious, and very filling. If you happen to find some extra change in your pocket, splurge on the wild boar pasta for £8.50, made with pappardelle.

Note: limited indoor seating, but there's plenty of outdoor seating.

Words and photography | Matt Hickman

Wolf, Broadgate

Wolf, Broadgate

Unit 2, Broadgate, EC2M

Opening hours
Mon - Fri | 7am - 7pm

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Instagram | wolf_restaurant
Facebook | wolfn16

Tel | +44 (0)207 254 4141

Last updated | 10th Aug 2017