One street food Londoners can't seem to get enough of is American smoked barbecue. When it comes to this culinary craft, few do it better than Smokestak - brick and mortar establishment or otherwise.

Simply put, Smokestak are at the top of the smoked meats game and are on the fringe of being so well known in London, their brand will become synonymous with it. Much like Heinz to ketchup, and Lindsey Lohan to C-grade movies.

Leading the way in the Smokestak repertoire is the signature brisket roll - an absolute beauty. Sourcing the best USDA meat available, each brisket is a labour of love, first rubbed with salt and pepper, then smoked low and slow for 12/16 hours over kiln-dried English oak.

It's served on a barbecue toasted bun, and they'll give you just enough pickled chillies to cut through the richness of rendered fat. Heaven. 

Words and photography | Kar-Shing Tong

Smokestak's thing of beauty - the brisket roll

Smokestak's thing of beauty - the brisket roll

Editor's Note
Keep tabs on Smokestak's social media accounts for the latest news on where new they might be popping up. 

Frequented locations
Dinerama | 19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ
Hawker House | 1 Surrey Quays Road, SE16 2XU

Opening hours
Dinerama | Thurs - Sat 5pm - midnight
Hawker House | Fri - Sat 5pm - midnight
Instagram | @smokestakuk

Last updated | 26th Jan 2016