Silk Road brings the heat and big flavours from China's Xinjiang province in the north-west of the country to Camberwell, and we're all very pleased about that.

Highly acclaimed, it's received praise from all corners of the city, not least being crowned 'best cheap eat 2014' at The Observer Food Monthly awards. 

Big Plate Chicken with belt noodles

Big Plate Chicken with belt noodles

People come back for the dumplings, noodle dishes, stews, and the kebabs. Big Plate Chicken is a vast vessel of broth, bird, potatoes and chillies, with broad and slippery handmade 'belt' noodles. This is enough to feed two, hence the £7.50 price tag I've given it, and assuming you're not dining alone. The chicken is fantastically flavoured, but be warned it's on the bone, lots of very tiny bones, which can get a little tiresome eating around.

cumin-crusted lamb skewers

cumin-crusted lamb skewers

You shouldn't be allowed to leave before you've tried the lamb shish kebabs - small and fatty cubes of cumin, chilli and salt-crusted meat, straight off the coals, paying homage to the Muslim influence found in that part of China. They're bloody gorgeous, and £1 a pop (minimum order four skewers).

This is a great place to go with a group, order loads, and only end up paying around £8-10 a head. Get there a little earlier than the masses and you won't have to queue that long. If you're a small group, expect to be seated with others at a table. I was able to call ahead and make a reservation for seven people, but most just turn up. Note - cash only.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim

49 Camberwell Church Street SE5 8TR

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Last updated | 4th Jan 2016