It may not be the most luxurious of settings, but Jen Café is donned with bright green tables with wooden rims and simple stools that make great use of the space.

My gap was firmly filled with a northern Chinese snack of jiao zi, or Beijing dumplings. Seven fat, sticky and steamy minced pork, spring onion and chive parcels, handmade in store which you can watch happening through the window.

steamy Beijing dumplings at Jen Café

steamy Beijing dumplings at Jen Café

The dumplings were great,. If you'd rather have them fried - called guo tie, also known as 'pot stickers' - you can do for an extra £1.

They do a whole host of other cheep and cheerful Asian café delights, but it's these fresh and tasty bundles that keep customers returning.

Words| Bisi Bajomo
Photography | @matt2fan

Editor's note
This is a rare example of a restaurant that neither has a website nor a registered phone number available anywhere online - sorry.

Jen Café

Jen Café


4-8 Newport Place WC2H 7JP

Opening hours
Mon - Sun | 11am - 9pm

Last updated | 3rd January 2016