beef pho from Pho Real, Kingston

beef pho from Pho Real, Kingston

I've been on a bit of a pho hunt the past few cold months. Tender beef, fresh herbs, lime to cut through the broth, rice noodles, and I'm a very happy man.

The amazingly friendly owner of Pho Real (formerly What Da Pho) in Kingston Ancient Market, tells me people come from all over to try his pho. And after getting my hands on a huge steaming pot of it, I'm not surprised; he manages to achieve a light broth that's packed with intense flavour and umami goodness. 

I even asked him for his recipe, convinced he must be adding some form of illicit and addictive drug, it was that good. But he told me it was simply down to good ingredients, slow cooking, and a whole lot of love. And for £6, this is one of the best I've had in London.

grilled pork shoulder and rice noodles, Pho Real in Kingston

grilled pork shoulder and rice noodles, Pho Real in Kingston

If you're not feeling pho, the grilled pork shoulder on a bed of rice noodles (also £6) is another winner, with tender marinated pork grilled to perfection in front of you. They also add salad on the side, and a slosh of sweet chilli sauce to bind it all together. You can even throw in two spring rolls for just 50p more. Perfection.

Note: cash only, and there's some outdoor seating around.

Words and photography | Ed Tan



Kingston Ancient Market | Market Place KT1 1JS

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Mon - Sun | 10am - 5pm
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Last updated | 16th Jan 2017