stuffed Mexican madness

stuffed Mexican madness

For me, Luardos are responsible for making burritos popular on the street food scene and for one simple reason; because they are really very good.

Made to order, the burritos are the essence of a handheld meal and effectively represent the food triangle in one efficient bundle.

Such is my love for these guys that my heart always skips a beat when I see one of their iconic graffiti-painted vans; an order of a beef burrito quickly follows (always extra spicy). The beef is juicy and flavoursome making every bite a delight - it's always a shame when it eventually ends.

Every day they prep their fresh tomato salsa, habanero hot sauce, 'special' guacamole and tender slow cooked meats, plus all the other burrito ingredients - so everything you eat has been made that day.

Words and photography | Kar-Shing Tong

Editor's Note
As well as the below, these guys tend to regularly trade at the various KERB markets. Keep tabs on their social media accounts for the latest news on where else they might be popping up.  


Frequented locations
Whitecross Street Market | EC1Y 8JL
Brockley Market | Lewisham SE4 1UT

Opening hours
Whitecross Street Market | Mon - Fri 11.30am - 2pm
Brockley Market | Sat 10am - 2pm

Website |
Twitter | @Luardos
Instagram | @Luardos

Last updated | 3rd Jan 2016